By Katie Weiler
Photo by Amber Smith



Corridoio Florentino’s Transient Perception exhibition is the first of many art shows to enjoy throughout the semester. The exposition features five students from the Intermediate Intensive  Architectural Landscape Photography Class. Showcasing their work is; Tejas Balapalli Muralli, Chih Chin Hu, Alessandro Gueli, Joel Barger, and Michael Sparola. For most of these students it is  their first chance to display their art in a proper exhibition and they were very excited. Guided by their professor, Marco Gualtieri, and inspired by the city of Florence these students photographed masterpieces. Professor Gualtieri assigned the theme of “Transient Perception” to give his students the freedom to explore and create their own works of art. Tejas Balapalli Muralli explains why his art work is meaningful to him, “walking through the city recognizing the magnitude of our structures compared to how tiny people are, shows you it doesn’t matter how small you are, creativity is limitless.” Alessandro Guelli took a different approach to his assignment, focusing on the walls around the city of Florence. He started to find images within his photographs that spoke to him in a new way. Chih Chin Hu is typically drawn to self portrait photography and was still able to incorporate this into her landscape photography, making her work quite unique. She wanted her pieces to tell a story when viewed together, while also being ambiguous for the viewer’s imagination to conceive their own ideas. The Transient Perception display will be displayed in Corso Tintori 21until October 17th to be enjoyed by all students and faculty. Stop by to see Florence’s hidden gems depicted by FUA’s very own students.