In addition to study abroad and career programs, enrichment programs are offered on a short-term basis on specialized topics.



What are seminars?

Seminars are short, optional, 15-academic-hour courses/workshops offered as part of FUA’s Career Programs. Seminars are offered during two weeks each academic year. These weeks correspond to the Fall and Spring season academic breaks. Seminars are open not only to Career Students but to regular study abroad students and participants from the general public who wish to receive specialized and intensive instruction on the offered topics. See Career Programs for further information.


Who can attend seminars?

Seminars can be attended not only by FUA’s Career Program students but are also open to any professional who would like a refreshment class on a specific subject or a crash course in their field of expertise. FUA students seeking intensive learning in specialized subjects and who meet enrollment requirements may also join seminars.


When are seminars offered?

Seminars are offered during two weeks each academic year. These weeks correspond to the Fall and Spring season academic breaks. A student has the opportunity to take one or more seminars during these weeks. The Academic Schedules area of the FUA website provides scheduling information for seminars.


Who teaches the seminars?

Seminars are taught by members of our world renowned faculty and professionals who come from diverse and international backgrounds. These professionals share their curiosity, intellectual pursuits, and passions with students while providing the opportunity for students to experience the excitement of original research. Not only do students get hands-on experience with professionals from the field and the opportunity to learn the dynamics of a certain career, but these professionals as instructors allow students to network and begin creating their own connections and circles within a field that will be their future career. Working with professionals in the setting of these seminars gives students a better understanding of what their area of expertise is about and what it means to apply knowledge, practical skills and research: a benefit and educational enhancement that will serve them well throughout their careers.



Florence University of the Arts offers many types of enrichment programs, from various Italian language and culture programs, including options with internships, to short-term culinary programs for food lovers visiting Florence. For the complete offering of enrichment programs available, please visit the Enrichment Programs area of the FUA website.


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