• DIVA’s eye on Florence is like Brunelleschi’s box invented by the Renaissance architect to capture perspective through light: what’s projected through the pinhole is the innovative vision created with our students in Florence, the cradle of artistic creativity since Renaissance times. Our role in this rich background is to preserve its visionary spirit but not dwell upon it, to work towards a contemporary, innovative future.
• DIVA is an academic institution that offers studies in digital photography, rich multimedia, videomaking, graphic design, and interior design in Florence
• DIVA’s philosophy is literally a vision, one that seeks to train students to forge a new light and a new perspective on how digital and visual arts reveal
our surroundings.
• DIVA’s technological approach explores local and European surroundings as a living, dynamic canvas by breathing new life and mobility into historical
and traditional contexts, capturing the contemporary social landscape and creating new scenarios for the images of tomorrow.
• DIVA supports sustainable media and design in its didactic methods and practices.


• DIVA was founded as a new visual  approach education to digital media students.
• To renew the image of Florence and the concept of esthetics as perceived over time through centuries of artistic innovation.
DIVA seeks to promote sustainable futures through digital media, design, and visual arts:
• Design programs that propose sustainable solutions for structures and interior spaces.
• Visual communications studies to develop proficiency in the use of visual design methods and technologies.
• Photography and video methods that use more responsible ways of consuming resources.
• To offer the most advanced technology in digital and rich media with constructive, interactive programs of study and course curriculum.
To shape students who are:
• Creatively conscious about the visual aspects of cities, landscapes, and environments.
• Choose responsible approaches to digital and paper production of their visual productions.
• Possess the technical abilities to elaborate what they creatively envision.


• Courses that promote the integration of students into urban and non-urban landscapes for  a richer interpretation of the visual and digital arts.
• State of the art facilities, the latest equipment for computers and software programs for fine art printing, studio classrooms for hands on lab sessions, and an experienced staff for all student needs.
• An international faculty from varied experiences and professions in the field who involve students to work on challenging projects.
• A challenging and wide-ranging academic curriculum composed of lectures, workshops, and laboratories. Structured programs for students who aim for professional develop and future careers in the industry.
• Personal enrichment and exposure to the local community through exhibitions, shows, and cultural integration projects.