Cultural integration efforts at DIVA result in projects open to the public through the Corridoio Fiorentino gallery, located at Corso Tintori 21. All projects and activities at the Corridoio Fiorentinio are managed by the Fondazione di Partecipazione Palazzi - Florence Associaton for International Education. Corridoio means "corridor" in Italian, and the word is both a nod to the spatial characteristics of the gallery as well as its conceptual position intended to channel creative and contemporary ideas produced by DIVA and IDEAS faculty and students. Group and solo exhibits are featured on a rotating basis in the space. All shows are intended to communicate to the public a contemporary vision of interactive digital media, design and architecture. Works on loan may also feature guest artists. The gallery maintains an educational approach to how exhibits are selected and shown as well as how the public can gain from its content. Advanced research and a dedication to fostering the public's appreciation/understanding of creative projects are a primary concern of the Corridoio Fiorentino.