(Digital Imaging and Visual Arts)

The following departments are grouped under the academic offering of DIVA:

Department of Digital Media (DM)
Designed to face today's ever changing visual delivery methods, a market requiring instant broadcasting, and the diffusion of low budget media outcomes, the Department of Digital Media aims at introducing students to rich media and podcast production.

Department of Photography (PH)
The Department of Photography is highly structured and, with its wide range of different level courses covering all the aspects of the discipline, offers students the possibility of a complete professional path. Photography techniques, the study of creative processes, printing methods and an exploration of the role of light are only a part of the subjects examined and practiced towards the building of a broad knowledge in the field.

Department of Video Production (VP)
Focusing on the technical and creative aspects of video making, editing, and production, the Department of Video Production covers several aspects and practical uses of the discipline such as commercials, stock photography, documentary, and motion graphics as well as the phases of scriptwriting or visual storytelling.

Department of Visual Communication (VC)
The department of Visual communication offers courses covering computer graphics, illustration, web design, and several creative communication topics. From picture editing to business advertising, from digital animation to creative communication related to the third sector, almost any discipline of the visual communication sphere is gathered in this section of DIVA.