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Videomaking Faculty Juri Ciani

Prof. Juri Ciani shares inspirations and advice regarding videolearning and creativity...Read More


DIVA Faculty Captures Alumni Engagement On Camera

Tom Kelleher knew without hesitation that the location of his marriage proposal would take place in Florence. He turned to DIVA faculty to plan an incredible surprise for his now fiancé Margaret...Read More


DIVA Students Design Wine Labels

Visual Communication students collaborated with a Veneto-located prosecco producer on new product label design...Read More


DIVA Spring 2014 Final Exhibitions

Photography students exhibited at Corridoio Fiorentino and F_AIR to conclude the Spring 2014 academic session...Read More


DIVA Students Design Logo for Italian Town

Visual Communication students designed the official logo for the Italian city Gaiole in Chianti, under the guidance of Prof. Ivka Markovic...Read More


Cross-Campus News

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