By the FUA PR Strategies Student Team

Photo: Struggle, Digital Print by Anastassia Sciaraffia


The ACERO Solo Exhibit featured photographs from FUA student Anastassia Sciaraffia. The solo photography exhibition opened on April 13, 2017 at CORRIDOIO FIORENTINO, the student gallery of the Department of Photography of Florence University of the Arts. 


Anastassia Sciaraffia started formal photography studies at Florence University of the Arts in 2015. Before coming to FUA, she studied Digital Animation in Chile for two years. From storyboarding she has learnt that people and photography go hand in hand, for Anastassia in fact the photographic images are stills of fluxes of thoughts, sometimes crystal clear, and at times blurred. She thinks photography and art merge, and they are just two out of the many languages that human beings can use to understand and to interpret the complexity of culture. 


ACERO revolved around some of the concepts that Sciaraffia found most prominent in the novel Swimming with Elba - innocence, courage, growth, rifts and crisis. The photographs were taken in multiple spots around Italy, as well as in her home country of Chile.  


"My professor actually recommended the book [Swimming with Elba] to me…from there I took some of the ideas and built on the concept of innocence," Sciaraffia said. She hopes to collaborate with other photographers in the future and "build on her skills." 


The full exhibition catalog can be viewed online.



April 13th to May 2nd, 2017

Corridoio Fiorentino-DIVA-School of Digital Imaging and Visual Arts 

Via Magliabechi 1