By Amanda Torrisi 
Photo by Angel Pelaez


FUA’s Introduction to Fashion Photography course is based on the technical, cultural, visual, and historical aspects of fashion photography. This introductory seminar teaches students the technical and logistical aspects of fashion photography using natural light and light basic metering. 

 Angel Pelaez took the FUA Introduction to Fashion Photography course and spoke about his experience. 


Is this your first photography class?


This is my first photography class but I’ve been doing photography on my own for five years now as a hobby. 


What made you interested in fashion photography?


My interest for fashion photography comes from my interest in both fashion and photography. Through the seminar, I was able to combine these two passions and produce a body of work that could be used for editorials or product photographs. 


What inspires your work?


My personal work is inspired by my experience with intersectionality that allows me to explore various sides of my identity. I like to start discussions with my work about Latinidad and ultimately dig deeper into the psyche exploring vulnerability and queerness.


How has this class helped your work to evolve?


This class has helped me refine my portfolio due to the weekly assignments that allow me to practice the craft. Especially using friends as muses has been exciting to be able to feature them in my work. 


Would you recommend this class to others and why?


I would recommend this class to a beginner because the course does its best to guide you through the essentials of using a camera. 


Do you have a personal statement about your work that we could include with the photographs?


This shoot was rewarding because I’m very much used to shooting outside. Having a studio allowed me to experiment with the model and push the boundaries of the space through poses and movement. The experience solidified my passion for merging photography and fashion. Beauty is everywhere, most importantly in the details. And that translates to life; it’s in the simple things that magic lies. 



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