By FUA PR Strategies Students


FUA Students Capture Raw Emotions at their Videomaking Showcase.


On Thursday February 16th, 2017 the students from FUA in the Advanced Videomaking and Post-Production class put on their first event. The event went off without a hitch, with each of the four students in the class creating and directing their own video project. They had a selection of four emotions: anger, fear, love and happiness. The event was held in the FUA DIVA building where friends, faculty, staff, and non-FUA guests came to support the featured students. The work produced was the final project of their three-week intensive video production class.


The event was held in the Corridoio Fiorentino where the students’ films were displayed in black & white and full-color versions along the hallway. The guests were able to walk around and check out the videos and talk to the students before the presentation.


Before the viewing party, each of the student filmmakers discussed which emotion they picked and the inspiration behind it. Anastasia Sciaraffa described how she challenged herself by picking one of the harder emotions, fear. “I always thought it is more difficult picking a really happy thing or a really scary thing so I went with fear because I like a challenge”.


As FUA events always involve a multidisciplinary collaboration between various departments and courses, the catered refreshments also represented FUA coursework to showcase the culinary students of Apicius. For each FUA event involving catering operations, select Apicius classes strategize the tasting menu according to the event and venue type. The tasting items for this exhibit featured a wide variety of finger sandwiches including a crowd favorite with roasted pork, aioli sauce, and freshly baked bread. They also prepared salads such as an anchovy version, served along side a cup of minced broccoli with rice and lemon juice on top of a cauliflower blend cream. For dessert, sugar cookies, brownies, a pistachio pudding, and fruit tarts were served.


After the food and viewing, we had the chance to sit down and talk with some of the artists and the audience to gage their reactions. Each student expressed confidence in their pieces, sharing that despite the three-week deadline and working on fully self-planned and produce creative videos for the first time, the entire class was extremely proud of sharing the results with the exhibit guests.


Each artist was able to put his or own spin on the video by drawing from their individual strengths and specialties. Garret Day, in his fifth semester here at FUA, described his passion for music by stating, “Music is really important and I connected it to emotions I felt would be easier to portray (love) with certain songs that I have heard many times.” Garret is also excited for his own upcoming solo show where he will display all of his projects as his senior showcase.