Article by Charlie Myett and Ashley Searing


Landscape and Architecture Photography students at FUA presented their beautiful photo exhibit showcasing their theme “Elements: Stories of Matter” which examined the way light changes the view of a landscape.

Eric’s photo collection, entitled Flare, captures the beauty of just that. Flare. Eric is new to the use of a camera and has now sparked quite an interest and appreciation for the art of photography. He first noticed the “luminousness” and “godliness” of the subject matter in flared photos when he witnessed a sunset on the roof of his apartment. This photo is included in his collection. Eric decided to run with this theme and capture flared photos all around Florence.

Ushna has had an interest in photography since the age of 14, and now has an exhibit displayed at Corridoio Fiorentino entitled Essence. Ushna’s photographs were inspired by her interest in architecture and history, which brought her to take the Landscape and Architectural Photography course. The pictures focus on the element of shadows, and Ushna explained that she specifically experimented with abstract angles. She brought a fresh, unknown view and image to the well-aged statues of Florence. She very interestingly connected her perspective as an International Student, as well as an abroad student with the themes of her photos. An “outsider” perspective. One of Ushna’s photographs can also be found on the cover of the exhibit’s flyer and catalog.

Don is originally from North Carolina but has been traveling all over the world since early childhood. Don’s photographs are a continuation of previous work he has done with alternate reality. His collection at Corridoio was entitled Alternate Reality Through Architecture. Don’s previous work still focused on the aspect of alternate reality, though in the form of microphotography. Don shared some of his old work with us, it was truly remarkable. His new work takes this theme of alternate reality and brings it to the larger scale with buildings and landscapes. Don has been surrounded by art and constantly new environments his entire life and has applied his long-developed psychedelic themes to his latest collection.

The event was wonderfully catered by the International School of Hospitality, which served an array of sandwiches, snacks, desserts and beverages.

This photo exhibit will be available for viewing until October 17th, 2018 in Corridoio Fiorentino.