Two DIVA visual communication students were recently named the winners of a wine label design project in collaboration with the wine producer Azienda Agricola Vinicollina Tesini located in the Veneto Region. Samantha Celek and Niccole Ciccone created the front and back labels selected by the producer for the next phase of product packaging development. The project was commissioned by David Tesini, owner of Azienda Agricola Vinicollina Tesini. The company produces in the wine denomination DOCG Conegliano-Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore, and the geographic area of reference is in the runnings to become the first viticulture-specific world heritage site of UNESCO. The design students analyzed and created a potential bottle and label presentation of a Brut-style prosecco (fa' BRIO) and a rosé spumante (Lila, after David's granddaughter) that the company is developing for the US wine market.


The involved course (Visual Communication, second level) was split into two working groups by Prof. Ivka Markovic. Each group was assigned a distinct project - the wine label project and a city logo project. The subdivision allowed for the groups to critique each other in order to keep projects fresh, interesting, and involving for the entire class. Andrea Hringsdottir, Brian Potopowicz, Nicole Ciccone, Samantha Celek, and Yuchi Chen began with very personal interpretations of the products, encouraged by Prof. Markovic in order to present an increased diversity to the client and, upon client feedback, continued with an in-depth exploration of the design. After the first draft phase and positive client feedback, students easily moved into the second phase of editing and revision. Interaction with Mr. Tesini took place digitally due to his location in the US. The class organized their designs with explanatory statements accompanied by graphic elements and layout to further assist with the interpretation of proposals.


Prof. Markovic states that the two winners "gave very different solutions but knew the market, thanks to their common bond to the US where Lila and fa' BRIO will be sold." In terms of the overall experience, Mr. Tesini noted that "the students have done a fantastic job and I sure hope that they will continue to use what they have learned."


The portfolio of all participating students can be viewed here.


Cover photo: Courtesy of DIVA. Bottles on left designed by Nicole Ciccone, on right designed by Samantha Celek.