From April 7th to April 17th, the Corridoio Fiorentino will host an open viewing of classic photography projects developed by Spencer Sisselman and Nikki Visciglia. Guided by DIVA instructor Enrica Quaranta's Intermediate Classic Photography course, Spencer and Nikki used the world of portraiture as a starting point to create diverse expressions. Spencer's works, entitled Gioventù (youth), are an on-going exploration of portraits taken with a large format camera that requires a meticulous and often laborious approach. The theme, which focuses on Italy's contemporary youth, is an interesting contrast to the photographic method similar to the ones used at the beginning of the 1900s. His subjects are shot with the same composition; the film is developed in the FUA darkroom and requires a carefully balance use of the dodging and burning techniques to achieve the desired photographic contrasts. Nikki, on the other hand, was inspired by the storytelling elements of Vivian Maier, and used different formats for her portraits including 6x6 and the classic 35mm. The usage of the two formats varies according to the subject matter and storytelling approach of Nikki's images. The larger format is largely used for more intimate self portraits in which time seems to slow down while the versatile 35mm is used for faster-paced and peripheral images that tie into the overall story. Her film development employs the layout method that integrates blank spaces and pauses that may alternate with words and texts in order to guide the viewer towards a specific direction. All works are printed on high-quality baryta fiber fine art paper, which requires longer development times.