By Adele Haraughty 

Photo by Claire Buckley


Thursday, December 7th at Corridoio Fiorentino, the student gallery of the Department of Photography of Florence University of the Arts (FUA), opened 1968 Where Have All the Flowers Gone? Reflections on the 1960’s an exhibition featuring students in the Intermediate Digital Photography, Interior Design and Lighting Design classes.


Ceara Thompson, an Intermediate Digital Photography student, talked about her beautiful photographs on iconic characters in the 1960’s. “I wanted to focus on prominent female roles that were extremely inspiring,” Thompson said. Her photographs were from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Belle De Jour. The idea was to show characters that had strong leading roles.


The Intermediate Digital Photography class, taught by Marco Gualtieri, was involved in the FUA 2017 Conference 1968 Where Have all the Flowers Gone? Photos were selected from those who presented for this panel. Intermediate Interior Design, taught by Giulio Vinci, and Lighting Design, taught by Claudio Rodeghiero, students worked together on a Bar Cafeteria project using the theme of the Radical Design movement as inspiration and reinterpretation.


The 1968 Where Have All the Flowers Gone? Reflection on the 1960’s exhibition included a wide variety of photographs. Beginning level courses were also included from the classes of Street Photography, Introduction to Digital Photography, Introduction to Fashion Photography, Introduction to Photography: From Darkroom to Digital, Digital Graphic Illustration and Introduction to Interior Design. It was clear that the students worked extremely hard throughout the semester and it was great to be able to see first-hand what they were able to accomplish.